My name is Kodi Bland and I’m the founder of Spectre Images. Born and raised in the state of Virginia, as a child I was always enamored with all forms of storytelling, primarily film. Though, for many years, I pursued a number of other possible careers such as computer science, architectural engineering, and graphic design. None of which satisfied me more than that in which I create images, whether commercially or in film.

So I finally came around to deciding on this path and committing to wherever it may take me. And along the way, I’ve already had the opportunity to form relationships and collaborate with some really special people. With each production I’ve worked on, I’ve worked in a variety of positions generally revolving around camera. And I have found my place as a photographer and cinematographer.

Why the name “Spectre"? Well much of my job consists of me keeping out of sight, not drawing too much attention to myself. When you carry around a big camera, people become aware of you very fast. So I have to blend in, lest I disturb the naturally candid moments that I hope to capture. So in a way, I have to be a ghost. Or in this case…a spectre.