Product & Business

Give us your vision for how you want people to see your product, business or service, and we’ll work with you on making that a reality. We take your best attributes and amplify them, adding strong visual appeal and focusing on the little nuances that communicate what you want your consumers to know about you and your company.



Need a new headshot? Portraits or perhaps graduation photos? Maybe even engagement or wedding photos? Look no further! There are too many precious moments in life that go unaccounted for because someone wasn’t able to capture it. Well, we’ve got you covered! We make it a priority to capture and document all those special moments so you can sit back and simply enjoy the memories unfold!


Behind the Scenes

Need to advertise your film? We can help! Every production needs some sort of visual documentation. We work bts on-site, documenting your production in all its chaotic glory, not only capturing it as a whole, but also focusing in specific selling points eligible to aid in marketing.


Travel & Artistic

With all the hustle going on in daily life, we sometimes miss the smaller things that pass us by. We like to take some of those moments and display some of the magic that’s right in front of our eyes everyday. All we have to do is look a little closer. Spectre capitalizes on the idea that adventure can either be one thousand miles away or right out your front door!



Every structure has intelligent design and purpose woven into its skeleton, from the grand and complex to the sleek and minimalist. From the tallest skyrises to local real estate. We look to showcase architecture and design of all kinds. Whichever it may be, Spectre recognizes the beauty and intention that forms the structural makeup of a building’s design. And intends to capture it.