What is SPectre?

My name is Kodi Alan. I’m a cinematographer. And I am the founder of Spectre Images.


Growing up in the state of Virginia, I was always enamored with essentially all forms of storytelling, but primarily with film. Though, for many years, I pursued a number of other possible careers such as computer science, architectural engineering, and graphic design. None of which satisfied me more than that in which I create images, whether commercially or in film.

While traditionally I’m a photographer and cinematographer, that isn't necessarily who I am. I’ve worked camera and behind the scenes for a number of shorts and a feature. However, I never particularly want to create "pretty images". I like placing the audience in the physical and emotional space, hoping that in doing so, they can connect with what they see and experiencing it.

Spectre Images was created with the future in mind. I didn’t want a brand that was simply my name because it can be more than just one person. Why the name “Spectre"? Well much of my job consists of me not drawing too much attention to myself. I like it best, honestly, when people don’t notice the cinematography. If I’m shooting documentary or behind the scenes, I try to exist only as a vessel. In a way, I have to be a ghost. Or in this case…a spectre.